Fedora Wiki - what is a "CLA+1 (group)"?

Can’t logon to the Fedora Wiki:
“Additionally, due to spam edits, as of 2016-08 your account must have at least one non cla* group to be able to login and edit.
See Join for information on groups to join and contribute to.
You need to have at least CLA+1 (group)”

I have no idea what that means - ??? I can’t view “Join” because I can’t log in - ???

Yaaay! You want to be a Fedora Contributor or perhaps you had already initiated the process in the past? Brilliant move! Start here instead.

If you had a FAS account before, login. Otherwise sign-up. In any case, you will be presented with the Contributor Licence Agreement (CLA) or the newer Fedora Project Contributor Agreement (FPCA). You need to sign the FPCA/CLA before you can edit Fedora wikis.

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The wiki is a special case.
Due to spam issues, only the accounts that are CLA+1 can edit it.
CLA+1 means that, in addition to the contributor agreement, you should be part of an additional group in the Fedora Account System.