Fedora Websites 3.0 Release

Article Summary:
This is a release blogpost about the Fedora websites 3.0 revamp effort. As we are launching in conjunction with F38, we’d like to have this out by April 12

Article Description:
It addresses:

  • what’s included in the release
  • some of our focuses and motivations
  • requests for feedback
  • thank you to a number of contributors who were involved.

Who’s the audience here? Fedora contributors or the general public?

Also, is there a draft yet?

Yup there is a draft in WordPress.

It’s for a mix of contributors and general community

If the general user community is the audience, Fedora Magazine is a better venue. The broader community generally won’t see Community Blog posts.

Ah gotcha,

yeah I think we still want to push more towards the contributor side as this is kinda a soft launch. We are wanting to take advantage of the discussions post that gets generated and catch some more feedback in the last week or so before it moves to getfedora.

Okay, I’ll review it here in a few minutes then.

I made a few edits

  • Removed the image at the top of the post and set it as the featured image instead
  • Added a “read more” element
  • Removed the use of “here” as a link
  • Assorted small edits for grammar and spelling

It’s scheduled for 2023-04-11T12:00:00Z.

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