Fedora website does not have mastodon link


same for


Fedora Magazine

Out of interest, I just looked up mastodon and found a post linking:


I created an account, confirmed my email and was then met with the following message:

Your application is pending review by our staff. This may take some time. You will receive an e-mail if your application is approved.

I appreciate you need to filter out bots etc? But that just makes it feel like some ‘cliche’ club that I may not be allowed to join if my application is not approved. Seems unfriendly. Just saying.

You are in the wrong forum here. Ask Fedora is for end user issues and support.

If you want to be active, join the Websites team, file an issue or PR against the websites you are showing here, and discuss with the community if we want a “mastodon” info/button/ logo on those web sites first. I see no relation to Ask Fedora.


While there is a (perhaps official?) Fedora account on Fosstodon (just as there is a Fedora account on Twitter), your feedback on the Fosstodon sign-up process is better directed to Fosstodon.

In related news, Fosstodon provides a marvelous service at significant cost to them, and seems to be trying their best to have a safe and trustworthy community.

My response was for @frankjunior , who seemed to be trying to sell us mastodon, to which I found the sign-up process slightly unfriendly.

My attempt was for him to report back my feedback if he so wishes.

I have no interest in pursuing this any further.

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Just to clarify, the sign up process is for the fosstodon instance, not Mastodon in general. People can choose to create a Mastodon account on any number of other instances - some which may have an application and others may not. That’s the beauty of federation.

In defense of fosstodon though, running a Mastodon instance is a lot of work and requires a lot of resources (hardware, money, time, energy). Especially with a lot of people moving over from Twitter recently, an instance’s server can easily get overwhelmed if too many people (or bots) sign up before the infrastructure can scale. At worst, it could bring the instance to a crawl or crash; which would be a shame to all the people on it.

it depends on which instance you loged for like i am in mastodon.online and it was a 9month old account so i never saw that now due to the high influx users coming they are verifying manually you can open a account with instances which are not asking like apply for an account Servers - Mastodon

:rofl: no i am not selling anything but what twitter was doing it was a way to go and most journalist are now in mastodon even Washington post is now working on opening it own instance so it is not something Washington Post is working on its own Mastodon instance | Hacker News
you think

now coming to interest it totally on you
you may like facebook or twitter or google+ no one ask you to join

mastodon is right like to call someone you dont need to get the sim card or cell service that your others are using you can call or contact with any brand service it is like that.
if someone dont like anyone spin up their own.

This thread and ones like it are a perfect example of why I do not use very much social media. I do use SMS text messages on my phone but almost nothing else since services like facebook, twitter, and similar, result in a lot of clutter and distractions when trying to find single posts that are of interest.

Even my email gets 20 - 100 messages a day that are mostly spam.