Fedora update: drpm md5 mismatch

Had notification of 36 updates for Fedora 32 this morning and received the following message:

/var/cache/dnf/updates-b3cb4614b6495970/packages/kernel-5.8.15-201.fc32_5.8.16-200.fc32.x86_64.drpm: md5 mismatch of result

I aborted the update and did dnf clean packages.

How should I proceed? Just ignore these updates?

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You can safely ignore this message, it’s normal for Delta RPMs.
If the delta doesn’t match the expectation, it downloads the full package.

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Just try again. The warning was to tell you it detected an error and if it was unable to resolve it that update would have halted before it caused corruption.

Strange, in over 15 years of using fedora I have never once seen that kind of message. Nor have I ever seen my system download a drpm for the kernel.

I have multiple Fedora installations for years and experienced this and/or similar issues many times:
Typically DNF can automatically resolve the issue and proceed with full package download.
You may not even notice this message unless you read the update logs carefully.

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I can uderstand why I have not seen it. As long as the update completes correctly I seldom dig deep into the logs. If it fails I dig to see why.


Attempted the update today and all went well with no complaints from dnf. Thanks, just had never seen that and didn’t want to create more problems for myself.


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