Fedora translation sprint - 5 days, 50 members and 20+ thousand words

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Starting on April 1st, the Fedora Globalization group ran a 5-day virtual translation sprint to focus on the translation of important GUI packages. During the 5 day sprint, 53 contributors translated 22,723 words over 18 different languages.


While the sprint was primarily an online virtual translation sprint, translation teams were also encouraged to meet up locally to work on translations together. The sprint fell in the 1 month window for accepting translations in Fedora, all the contributions in this sprint will appear in Fedora 24. Fedora has a huge translation group with 80+ language teams, and translation activity keeps on happening outside the 1 month window to match the other projects deadlines, for example: Documentation, and the Fedora Websites.

Packages translated

The Fedora Installer (Anaconda) is one of the most important and first applications a user encounters during using Fedora, and it received most translations, with over 8500 newly translated strings added. The package with the second largest amount of new strings was DNF, with over 2000 newly translated strings.

Word counts per Language

Over the course of the 5-day sprint, a total of 22,723 words were translated over 18 different languages. The two languages with the largest amount of words contributed were Albanian (5952 words) and Portuguese (5433 words).


Contributors per Language

The top 4 languages with the most contributors during the sprint were Albanian with 10 translators, Portuguese (Brasil) with 6 translators and Spanish & French with 4 translators participating.


Top Contributors

Last, but not least, we have the top contributors during the 5 day sprint. Danniel was the most active contributor, reviewing and approving 6921 words and translating 5 words during sprint for Portuguese (Brazil) language. Second top contributor is Anxh3l0 who translating 3171 words into Albanian.


Organizers and behind-the-scenes crew

This sprint begun planning at the Bruno G11N group meeting.

Noriko Mizumoto, Ani Peter and Michelle Kim prepared priority list of packages during Tokyo G11N group meeting. Alex Eng made sure all packages are ready for translation in Zanata and also helped for statistics.

Jona Azizaj jumped in right time for outreach stuff.

Jean-Baptiste Holcroft remained active contributor and helped with very detailed stats with graphs after sprint.

The awesome badge for sprint designed by Máirín Duffy and quickly implemented by Ralph.

Overall lead for sprint Pravin Satpute.


Albanian was the clear leader in this translation sprint and credit goes to organizer Jona and Open Labs team. Followed by Portuguese and Spanish language team. Spanish local sprint was organized by William Moreno and team. It proves importance of executing parallel local sprint during virtual translation sprint. A total 50+ members participated in this sprint to make this one of the biggest virtual sprint.

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