Fedora-toolbox-0.0.3 released - karma needed


There’s a new fedora-toolbox-0.0.3 release out there that’s eagerly waiting for your karma upvotes.

F29: https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2019-6f670afd79
F28: https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2019-2ff457bbf8

Overview of changes in 0.0.3

  • Clean up the Buildah working containers on error
  • Unbreak creating the toolbox if the toolbox image already exists


Hello @rishi, I had to downgrade my podman and buildah to run fedora-toolbox on Silverblue 29. I did this as per our discussion on freenode. Now I see you have a new toolbox available, and would like to provide Karma, but I cannot reset my podman and buildah through the rpm-ostree override reset command for some reason. Also, if I try to --allow-inactive either package in their latest form, I reboot into a Silverblue ready to be setup for a fresh user, unable to login as my original user!?!
[Edit]: I have gotten through the initial user setup by completing it. I can still access all of my other user files, as well as log in as my original user, so able to continue. I have been able to enter my old container made with a previous version of the toolbox. I was unsatisfied with that container and decided to delete it and create a new one from my now cleaner base setup. I’ll do some testing over the next few days likely. I’ll let you know how it goes.
[Edit]: First use was for IntelliJ’s IDEA CE using openjdk 11.0.1 2018-10-16. I successfully created then ran a project the first try, after setting up the SDK and libraries in the project defaults. The experience was no different than using Fedora Workstation to do the same task. Mind you, I hardly budged the processing needle with my quick test pgm. Good karma to you.


I usually use rpm-ostree override reset --all to remove all my overrides before I issue another rpm-ostree override command. It’s a bit primitive, but I started doing it ever since I managed to confuse rpm-ostree while fiddling with overrides. Maybe that can help you? No idea.


Yeah, I think I should have checked the instructions a bit better at first. I did get it going with the newest buildah and podman, but I had to create a new user after the update. That issue seems to be unrelated to how I messed up trying to reset my overrides. The very first command was rpm-ostree override reset buildah, and it responded with nothing to do. Podman the same. Then I got silly and messed around a bit before just going ahead with the update of the rpm-ostree gnome was notifying me of. It is working Okay now (Silverblue) with the extra user and all. The fedora-toolbox container seems faster than before, or is that my imagination?