[Fedora Test Week] Fedora Kernel 5.16 from 2022-01-23 through 2022-01-29

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Fedora Kernel 5.16 Test Week is supposed to run from 2022-01-23 through 2022-01-29. I am hereby requesting to book a slot. I will be submitting my draft in a couple of hours. Really sorry for such a request at short notice.

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You got it in before the weekly meeting for the week you want to publish (the meeting is tomorrow). So you’ve given us ample warning IMO. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Sumantro.

@sumantrom I’ve opened Pagure issue #82 for your article.

When you have your article ready for review, please add a comment to that issue containing the preview link.

Thank you.

Thanks @glb and @rlengland , I have commented with the preview link on the pagure issue!

Hey @sumantrom: I just noticed that Discourse has a #test-days tag and a place for such announcements – About the News & Announcements category

FYI, it looks like you didn’t add this test-days event to that calendar. I might be another good place to get the word out (even if it is a bit late).

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