Fedora stuck at boot screen after nvidia-xconfig and no tty either

I tried to configure my xorg with nvidia-xconfig but now my computer is stuck on this screen and I can’t do anything. What should I do?

What happens if you hit the esc keystroke?

If esc key don’t any thing you can try unhide grub menu fedora in the boot process by pushing the key F8 more info here and add temporarily the parameter emergency like indicate here Working with the GRUB 2 Boot Loader :: Fedora Docs

So you should go to emergency prompt console and you can try delete your xorg.conf check if it is in the path /etc/x11/ with the command
ls /etc/x11/

If there you can remove it with the command
rm /etc/x11/<files name>

Where possibly the name of file is xorg.conf

If it is too complicated just use the live CD of fedora with the mode test without install and you will can see the files in your disk and you will can delete it manually.