Fedora Slimbook Contributor Discount

Article Summary: Blog posting sharing that Slimbook is giving a discount to Fedora contributors.

Article Description: Sharing the news of the Fedora Slimbook discount and how to check that you have a Fedora email alias.

Link to draft

Featured image or inspiration for one? I don’t really have anything, but if we can get something that looks like Fedora + Slimbook or something like that, it would be neat. Tagging @steiner in case he has the time to make something generic that we can use for future blog posts.

Can I cut the Red Hat references? Red Hat has its own ways of sharing this internally and I’d rather the focus be on Fedora contributors since it’s the Fedora Community Blog.

I also changed “see here” to “see the wiki” because using “here” as link text is bad for accessibility.

Otherwise, it looks good. I’ll wait to publish until I have an answer on my question above as well as a featured image. If @steiner can’t provide an image, I’ll reuse the one that ran on the Magazine announcement.

Oh yeah, I ended up answering Joseph on our Matrix channel and not here, we have a banner image already for it, which is this one:

Removed the Red Hat mentions and I think we’re ready to go! Can be posted as early as you want.

Scheduled to publish 2023-10-26T08:00:00Z

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