Fedora silverblue portable

Hi buddies,

I would like to configure the most portable linux with Fedora Silverblue, which means for me zero config of the host o.s. and use and external portable disk with all variable data ( toolbox, pods, vm, etc…)

If want to move or just switch working from laptop “A” to laptop “B”, just install a new Fedora Silverblue on “B”, upgrade it to the same ostree “commit” as laptop “A”, mount /var from the portable external disk and start working as nothing happened.

Do you think is that possible? Which partitions should be on the external disk? I was reading this Technical Information :: Fedora Docs but I am just starting with Silverblue.

VERY grateful for all the answers you are giving,

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I used to use a persistent overlay with a liveUSB to do this with portable apps. Silverblue itself is built in a similar way, where the operating system is immutable. The external media should be for /var.

How about install Silverblue to external USB directly? Will it work?

There’s one way to find out. It probably will. Fedora is highly portable by default in general.

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