Fedora silverblue, fedora design suite, book for fedora workstation maintenance

i just leave windows os and start use “x distro” as my daily os. but every time face problem with application or update the kernal the distro crash and find my self need to reinstall it again. . i read about fedora silver-blue and find it a good solution for me. the only problem is i own one Hard disk and create partition to storage the data so in case OS down i do not lose the data. . when read the installation steps in fedora website it say there’s limitation in manual partition option and say i can make (/boot and / and /var/home) but the image in same page show (/boot and / and swap only).

Q1: when install fedora silverblue what mountain point i should create?
Note: in “x distro” i create (“/boot” physical partition, “/” physical partition, “/home” physical partition, “swap” logical partition).

Q2: i also see fedora design suite and it’s good for me i only will need to install opentoonz software, if i use it will be stable and do not face crashes every time accept the updates or some program crash?

Q3: i this kind of person who need OS to run graphical software and succeed to find and deal with open source alternative software. in other hand i do not know any thing about maintenance or trace the problem or use command line to know the problem.
so there’s any book i can follow it to learn that for desktop version not server version?