Fedora Server install with window menager

Hi there
Since I’m pretty much a newbie when it comes to linux I decided to get some practise and installed Fedora Server on virtual machine with intent to later install window menager (bspwm) with top bar (polybar) and some other stuff
However my problem lies with the fact that lightdm cannot start, it hangs on the black screen
When i use “lightdm --test-mode” i can see massages stating
“[+0.03s] WARNING: Error reading existing Xauthority: Failed to open file ‘/run/lightdm/root/:1’: Permission denied
[+0.03s] WARNING: DisplayServer x-1: Failed to write authority: Failed to open X authority /run/lightdm/root/:1: Permission denied”
Tbh i don’t know how to fix it, since running sudo lightdm still yiealds black screen