Fedora Server 36 Load Balancer during installation

I have used web sources for installation and during selection of components to install, eg. what server would I like to install, there was the option Load Balancer as well as High Availability and others.
My question is since I have not found any documentation on this, what kind of LB is there by default, or what was chosen as default? I would like to deploy several of the FS36 for different choices, like IPA, LB, and HA, … but IPA I know, no documentation needed.

I hope that I mad my point clear. Thank you!

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Anyone? Any info where can I get on with reading? Since Docu is not talking about this bit at all… thank you!

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You can list all available groups with sudo dnf group list --hidden command and see details of a group with sudo dnf group info "group-name" command. For example, sudo dnf group info "Load Balancer" prints:

Group: Load Balancer
 Description: Load balancing support for network traffic
 Mandatory Packages:

@ersen thank you very much!

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