Fedora Sericea 38 installation issues

Hello Fedora community,

I am having issues with Fedora Sericea 38 installation.

I downloaded Fedora-Sericea-ostree-x86_64-38-1.6.iso and wrote it to USB using Fedora Media Writer. I made an installation with standard partitioning and encryption. The installation seems to be successful. However, upon reboot I am getting a “Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed” error. When I log into my laptop’s Boot Manager it shows only one record in the Boot Option Menu: ‘fedora37’. Fedora 37 workstation is the OS version I had on this laptop before I attempted Sericea installation.

When I boot into anaconda rescue shell and it attempts to find and mount any existing partitions, it says You don't have any Linux partitions. But gdisk shows a valid partition table (please see the screenshot). Also efibootmgr manager shows 3 boot records besides fedora37 one. I manually deleted fedora37(Boot0000). I also tried to point boot manager(with efibootmgr --bootnext option) to the record I believe was created for Sericea(Boot0004 on the screenshot).

Still I am stuck with ‘Default Boot Device Missing’ error.
Also, even after deleting the ‘fedora37’ boot record with efibootmgr, it still shows up in the boot order list in laptop’s setup utility.

The laptop model is Acer Swift 5 (SF514-51).

I would greatly appreciate, if anyone could point out what I might be doing wrong.

The issue was in UEFI configuration. I had to enable secure boot and add EFI/fedora/shimx64.efi as trusted for executing. The system loaded as expected after that.

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