Fedora randomly freezes while closing program

Hello, I love using fedora but when I am closing some programs, mostly text editor, file manager or terminal. Fedora sometime freezes (it doesn’t happen every time) but when it happens mouse nor keyboard works and I have to kill my pc :frowning: . What can I do to prevent it?

Thank you for help.

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Which DE are you using? With Plasma, these things can happen often. Also, you could try disabling Wayland in your DM config and use X11 only, instead, to find out if this behavior persists on Xorg.

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Hello, sorry for late reply, I was testing your suggestion. Unfortunately, it didn’t help. Fedora still freezes time to time.

Hello, can someone please help me?

Welcome to ask :fedora:

We need a little more info to assist.
Can you please install inxi then post the output of inxi -Fzx as </> Preformatted text (button above) so we can see the hardware and drivers.

What fedora version are you using?
Is it fully updated? sudo dnf upgrade
Are there any entries in the logs when this happens? journalctl -b -1 should show it in the last few lines if anything was logged.