Fedora Problem - War Thunder + Vulkan + Driver + RX 580

To Fedora/Community


I am an recent Fedora user
Ive been fulltime using Linux for 2-3 years now using different distros such as
Artix , MX Linux, Ubuntu Mate, Debian, Endvour OS, GalliumOS

My Main gaming system is:

  • AMD Ryzen 3500x
  • Gigabyte B450 S2Hmatx Motherboard
  • 32gb DDR4
  • RX 580 8gb
  • OS - 250gig NVME

  • Games - 1TB Sata SSD

  • Data - 4td WD external USB drive

  • Running onboard single gig ethernet to ISP supplied Fibre NBN Modem/router

  • Ive got two monitors - 27" IPS 75hz DP + 24" IPS 75HZ HDMI

  • I use a presonus audiobox USB audio interface to connect to XM8500 Mic+HS8 monitor speakers

  • I do all my gaming on the 1st monitor (Primary)

Im using

  • Fedora 34 OS
  • XFCE 4.16 (XFWM4)
  • LibreWolf / smplayer / libroffice/mumble/hexchat
  • Steam

My Issue/problem

Recently in the last 2 weeks Ive had War Thunder
thats been working well in Linux natively
brings out an ‘update’ , which broke support for Linux

War Thunder Lacks the ablity to choose OpenGL 4.x or 3.x
War Thunder only works with Vulkan
War Thunder I am using is the Steam edition

Also I play NATIVE -

  • Insurgency - Still works fine
  • Arma 3 v1.8 - still works fine
  • ETS2 + ATS - still works fine
  • Dlying Light 1 - still works fine

I play via Proton/Wine - via steam

  • GRAW2 - Proton - Works fine
  • COD GHOST - Proton - Works fine

I also play Open RA + Combined Arms native in Linux fine
no issues

I asked on the War thunder Steam page forum
to get shuffled over to the forum
which people have asked before with the same situation
and the “support” result was
Use a different driver or use proton

War Thunder displays a message about GPU timeout
Ive searched around and it seems it needs a different AMD video card driver
yet its been working for months fine before till this recent steam game update

Im yet to see a good and simple method on ANY distro to go from
Kernal built in “FREE” open source code driver
to MESA or AMDVLK or AMD’s closed source ‘freeware’ driver

MX Linux in the last provided a tool in the menu to install the copyright freeware Nvidia driver

Also corectrl isnt supported in Fedora via DNF

Yet to see a single linux distro offer the same
that AMD offers in Windows 7/8/10
Goto AMD site
Download file
Extract File
Double click/run
Setup program launched
Driver installed
Driver tools installed

For some odd reason Linux goes out of its way to prevent manfactors
and users to have the invidual package of a driver
that vendors can supply consumers
to allow use to download chipset drivers as a bundled compressed file
run it offline and reboot

Instead relying on the ever increasing kernal to bundle these drivers
and if one or more drivers gets removed from the kernal


eg onboard BT sound drivers stripped from the kernal TWICE
that supports n2810 Celeron (swanky) minipcs and
laptops/chromeoooks having to rely on GalliumOS that went out
of its way to repackage the drivers back INTO the distro for certain chipsets

Before you reply to my thread , offering “support”

  • Please dont suggest another Video Card
  • Please dont suggest another OS

These are not solutions to fix a problem

Also i dont care if the game works on your system
or it works with different model/brand of video card

please shift this thread into the right area/subsection/spot
if reqired

Thanks for your awesome hard work with Linux, Opensource, Privacy, Security
its amazing what is actually available today in 2015-2020-2030
compared to the 90s with only OS2 Warp/Dos/Novel Netware, IPX and Dialup