Fedora Pride - September 2023 Meeting

Hey all - Happy September (I know it’s August).

Start: Thu, September 14, 2023 - 06:00 US/Pacific
Meeting is up at FedoCal: diversity-team - Fedocal


  • Hello! - Quick Intro (Who you are, where do you contribute in Fedora, where in the world are you [generalized to your comfort - Earth is OK, but if your not on earth, please PM me as I have questions])
  • Plans Review - Review our plans for Fedora Pride (Align on our vision)
  • 2023 Projects - Review what we can take on for 2023, what’s reasonable
  • Open Floor - Social time!

Reminder of Links:


Hi folks, a quick note that due to unforeseen circumstances, this month’s Fedora Pride meeting will shift by one week to 22 September at the same time. The Fedocal entry is updated accordingly: