Fedora Phosh setup for Huawei, Samsung, Polaroid, and ZTE phones

Please give me instructions to install Fedora Phosh Rawhide on any of these phones:
-Polaroid Turbo E (P4526A)
-ZTE Blade A521
-Huawei Y5 2019 (AMN-LX9)
-Huawei G650 (CHC-U23)
-Samsung Galaxy J7 (SM-J700M)
-Alcatel Pixi 3.5
-Samsung Galaxy A01 Core
-ZTE Blade A72

It is to recover them immediately because I don’t want my parents to waste money buying me another phone or perhaps the planet is in serious danger due to the accumulation of electronic waste

I don’t think you can do that on any of those phones. I imagine it’s meant for Linux phones like the Pinephone and the Librem 5.