Fedora Org Chart Update/Re-Design (looking for feedback!)

Is the org chart complete enough to post on Fedora social media?

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I’m with @joseph here, can we start to post this on other internet places?

@riecatnor Should I get a high-res PNG from you in another medium, or is what is uploaded here to Discourse as high-resolution as it gets? I’m not sure whether Discourse does any image compression.

I’m happy to get this updated on the docs page.

I opened a ticket to request an update to the docs page- you can find a png and source svg there! Afaik pagure doesn’t compress images but if you want me to upload/share it somewhere specific just lemme know :slight_smile:



It does, and the rules are complicated for what and how. Best to use something else as a means of exchanging final images.

Thanks @riecatnor, I missed the ticket. Got it swapped out on the docs, and the new version should appear on the docs page in a couple hours! Thanks so much for leading on this. :sparkling_heart:


Great, thank you @jflory7 :pray:

It’s live on the docs page now and looks sooo shiny :star_struck: a big thanks to everyone who contributed feedback to make this accurate and look great :clap: :clap:

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It is some serious eye candy. :candy: :eyes:

It looks great, but…

…can it be implemented such that the image is enlarged full size when
clicking on it? I think all the work that has been put into it, the
image deserves to be viewed full size.

@gui1ty Do you mean on the Docs page? I’m not sure immediately how to do that. Would opening it in a new tab be enough? This is what I usually do when drilling down on the org chart.

Yes. I meant on the docs page. It’s not all that important. One can
indeed right click and choose open image in new tab. But it would be
nice if people could just click on it, since the chart contains a lot of

Being downscaled the contents are barely readable.

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@gui1ty It is good feedback and it would be nice for it to be more intuitive. Would you be willing to report a RFE on the Docs UI bundle repo?