Fedora Org Chart Update/Re-Design (looking for feedback!)

I like that you assume I know which ones are which :wink: I know plenty about Fedora but haven’t internalized those since I’ve always been a Workstation user. Are all of the desktop spins listed on the Spins site?

While looking at the Spins site, I found the Labs site and I am wondering if it would make sense to break that off into it’s own area? I have a vague recollection of a discussion on this for the first version as well and we made the decision to condense them… can’t remember why tho :woman_shrugging: happy to hear people’s thoughts on this.

Yes, they should be — that’s currently the distinction.

We found in practice that the terminology and the big split confuses people. But I think a small, unlabeled split just grouping things separately would help organize it a little bit.

I hope that makes sense!

This is a BIG discussion we have every single time someone cross with the distinct names and sites:

At some point there should become one as “Solutions”, but not sure how if that will be the final term or if we are going to just ignore it or came with a new name. Let us know to the rest of us what will be the final name or if we are going to keep the distinction between them.

The last revision is beautiful.

Is it possible that the project leadership groups (i.e. the central nodes: Fedora Council, FESCo, and Mindshare) are color-coded to something different? I feel like this upper-level groups need more visual distinction.

Would anyone be upset if I took the last render of the above org chart and committed it to the docs? For context, I was at Red Hat Summit this week and I pulled this up to talk to people about how Fedora is organized. It feels very comprehensive to me in its current form!

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I apologize for not looking at this thread sooner but how much work would it be to change “Quality Assurance” to “Quality” or “Quality Team”?

There has been a recent discussion about changing the tag on Discourse and slowly changing other bits to match and it’d be great if the org chart matched.

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Hey folks- I needed to take a break from this project but I should be able to incorporate the various pieces of feedback in the next week or so… then I think it will be good to push to the docs :+1:


Thanks @riecatnor. This is not urgent. I’m looking forward to showcasing your great work on this. :raised_hands: