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Hi folks, welcome to the weekly roundup from the wrangler Operations Architect :slightly_smiling_face: Read on for some information on upcoming events, F41 dates and some reading recommendations from around the project!


F40 Release Party!

The F40 Release Party will be on Friday 24th & Saturday 25th May. More details can be found at the magazine article and looking forward to seeing you there!

Fedora Week of Diversity

The Fedora week of diversity is running from June 27th – 22nd. You can read more about the event on their latest blog post.

Flock to Fedora

Flock to Fedora is August 7th – 10th in Rochester, NY, USA. Our review panel is currently working through all of the talk submissions we received to build a great schedule for the conference. Thank you to everyone who submitted their ideas, and notifications will be sent in the coming weeks.


If you are attending devconf.cz next month and want to connect with some fellow fedorans, feel free to join the Fedora matrix room Fedora@devconf.cz to coordinate meetups, etc.

Fedora Linux 41

F41 is approaching quickly, so here are some important dates for change propoals, and other key dates and milestones can be found on the release schedule.

  • June 19th – Changes requiring infrastructure changes
  • June 25th – Changes requiring mass rebuild
  • June 25th – System Wide changes
  • July 16th – Self Contained changes

Announced Changes

Changes with FESCo

Hot Topics

There is a lot of conversations happening around Fedora, and it can be hard to keep track of them all! Below is the top two on my own list from both discussion.fpo and devel@lists.fedoraproject.org, in case you need some inspiration

Help Wanted


Thanks for the update. I just noticed that the dates for diversity week are switched.

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