Fedora On Steam Deck

Article Summary: How to install the Fedora on Steam Deck and how it’s running

Article Description: This article will be based on the talk I had on Fedora Nest 2022. It will describe how to install Fedora on Steam Deck and what is working on it and what not.

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I have seen your talk on Fedora Nest 2022 and I’m very interested in installing Fedora on my Steam Deck. The Steam Deck could be the perfect replacement for my Workstation, but I need Gnome and Fedora on it.

Do you know if there are any open projects i could participate to get the Hollowmode working in Fedora?

I will probably don’t be much helpful here. I don’t even know what the Hollowmode is. Looking here would be a good start https://www.reddit.com/r/linux_gaming/comments/wtm5ew/steam_deck_improvements_on_fedora/