Fedora Objective proposal: Websites & Apps Community Revamp

Here’s the wikipage for the Websites & Apps Community revamp. Please review and discuss below.



Cool. I have two quick comments before I go offline for a day off tomorrow and then the weekend:

  1. Didn’t we have a Mission to go next to the Vision? In the logic model, these both go in the Impact column.
  2. I am not a huge fan of MediaWiki tables, but maybe it would be better to structure that part of the page as a table, so that the headers (Resources/Inputs, Activities, Outputs, Outcomes, Impact) are column headers, and then all of the item 1s are on the first row, items 2s on the second row, and so on? (Except for Mission and Vision in the last column, where you could use rowspan, if mediawiki allows that.) Or maybe it’s best to not worry about this and just make the logic model table be a graphic.
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I somehow missed adding the Mission statement. I added it now.

Since there is a ticket going on for the logic model, I thought I will wait for it :slight_smile:

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The Design Team is already on it. :sunglasses:


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Hi @council, we are asking for review of this draft-in-progress for a new Fedora Objective. The full text is on the Fedora Wiki. We aim to propose this as a new Objective by the end of the month. Any early feedback or thoughts are appreciated!


It might also be great to note which websites and web applications this team is going to be responsible for? AIUI, some websites / web applications fall under other teams already (bodhi, koji, pagure, etc etc)

As per adviced, I am posting my suggestion for https://fedoraproject.org be redirected to https://start.fedoraproject.org .

The “start” page can provide a broader view of the FedoraProject to new Visitors.