Fedora not picking up ID3 tags, audio crackling

Running the most recent Fedora 35 Beta, so I understand if these are issues that cant be resolved. Just curious if anyone can give some direction on them.

1- Rythembox, lollypop, Elementary music, none of them will pick up ID3 tags for my songs. If I open the songs in EasyTag, it clearly shows the tags are present. Below is a screenshot showing the same tags open in EasyTag and rythembox. I can confirm the songs tags are present in Ubuntu 21.10 with the same files on the same machine. Any idea why it seems any Fedora music player is not picking them up?

2- Audio crackles in Fedora. When playing the songs above, i get terrible audio crackle. In Ubuntu 21.10, this crackle is not present. Seems related to MP3 files, as system noises, firefox videos, chrome videos do not crackle at all, only MP3s played in any of the above listed players.

I had some issues with firefox playing videos at 5fps that i was able to resolve by installing ffmpeg, so I assume i might just be missing some package or something. This is my first time using fedora, so I am willing to try anything, I dont have any data that can be lost.

Thanks for any assistance/direction anyone can provide!

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I was able to fix the sound crackling with:
$ sudo dnf swap --allowerasing pipewire-pulseaudio pulseaudio

So last issue is the Id3 tags! Will continue playing with that.

Try converting tags to ID3v2.3 encoded in Unicode/UTF-16 with EasyTAG.

Same issue on my side with F35. If you want to tweak the pipewire setup instead of remove it, see the following how to it helped me to solve this inconvenient issue.