Fedora Mirror isssue

I have a script running periodically, that monitors this website to find the latest Fedora release.

I just use a wget command like this - “wget -qO index.html $URL”
The problem is that this url fails to return any mirrors about 30-40% of the time.

Is it better to use a specific mirror instead? Please let me know.

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curl "https://getfedora.org/releases.json" | jq ".[0].version"

. /etc/os-release; curl "https://getfedora.org/releases.json" \
| jq ".[] | select(.version==\"${VERSION_ID}\" \
and .arch==\"$(uname -m)\" and .variant==\"${VARIANT_ID^}\")"

Thank you so much!! That was super helpful. I wanted to avoid the Beta version. So I will be using this

curl "https://getfedora.org/releases.json" | jq '.[] | select(.version|test("^[0-9]+$")) | .version' | sort -rn | uniq | head -n 1 | tr -d '"'

Thanks again!!

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