Fedora media writer have errors

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas to those who celebrate the holiday. Happiness in your personal life. Health to your loved ones and a lot of positivity;)
What does the “This Application failed to start because no qt platform plugin could be initialised” error mean?
There is even a whole installer for some reason, but even with it does not work to run this miracle))
I tried to burn the image with rufus. With Arch Linux no problems - the image is written and loaded, as well as in the case of Ubuntu, and in general with any other distributions and Live images, but not with Fedora. It is special)) Even a whole installer program that will!!! burn me an image))) Well, I think 200 percent this approach will work, not like the others, where only 100.
But it wasn’t.)) qt libraries are not enough her. Well, it does not need c++, glibc and others))))
I’m wondering. Which proprietor bribes developers of opensource projects that they dump quality. After all, they make such crap artificially. The year 2022. the end of 2022. Not to make a normal program to burn iso to a flash drive - it is artificially possible to try so hard.
Why can’t people tell the “big” ms/apple guys to fuck off and show that Linux is not bad? Or will they continue to show a kind of freedom and sell themselves?

Could you please give more information about your system ? It is quite difficult to help without enough information.

You probaly miss just an entry like this:


In your .bashrc

Please watch out how you express your selves. In the COC you could see how we do talk with each other. You might offend people who work for this companies, but still use Fedora/Linux and do excellent work to help out here.

By the way, we do not have to tell them that Linux is not bad … they know it already. MS is like RH a Platinum Member, see on Linuxfoundation dot org.