Fedora media check fails at 4.8%

I’m aware of all topics that already exists on this theme, but I have not found any topic on the same scenario that I’m facing.

First of all, I do not have a Windows operating system on my machine, so I think all the scenarios where the Autoplay feature on Windows “corrupts” the media can be discarded.

Without further ado, the situation that I’m facing is as follows: I have a desktop computer with Fedora 39 installed. Using that computer, I have downloaded the Fedora 40 i3 spin from Fedora site and checked the sha256sum. Up to this point, there were no problems. After that, I created a bootable device from the ISO using Fedora Media Writer. The media was created perfectly fine. Then, I plugged the media into my computer and ran the test option that shows up when booting from the device, and the checksum passed with no problems.

The problem arises when I plug that same media into my old laptop. That laptop does not have any OS installed on it so I just simply plug the media into it and when I select the test media option, it fails at 4.8% with no explanation at all. How is that possible? Can my BIOS be injecting something or changing the structure of the media?

Some points that I think worth mentioning:

  1. When I boot the media from my laptop, I have to change the BIOS from UEFI Boot to Legacy OS Boot;
  2. I looked for changes in the media after plugging it into my laptop but could not find anything at all. No files were added or deleted. I have even calculated the sha256sum of every single file within the media before and after plugging it into the laptop, and no checksum changed
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I seen this same issue usually itbis not recommended to use the media, but I just install then use the same laptop to download again the image flashbit again wipe the system from bios and install again with out non issues

There is something that it works only on hardware where it was downloaded and flashed I guess since I fail each time on other devices also be in mind the flash drive is locked by fedoraedia writer and can’t be formated except defora media writer I borked 2 USB 3 flash drivers because of that

So restoring or just flashing again works

Notvsure why this happened but those are my observed things when using media writer.

Also download and flash automatically usually works better on my cases than download first

Thanks for sharing your observations

I’ll use the media to install the OS and then create the bootable device from that system to check if it will work