Fedora London Meetup comes alive in 2024

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Our London-based Fedora Community members got together in person to get to know the people behind the Fedora Account System and Matrix nicks.

At a Glance

  • What: A revival of Fedora local meetup in London
  • Where: University College London
  • When: 18:00-20:30, 26 Feb 2024


  • Ankur Sinha (Neuroscience, Join SIG, Ask Fedora, @ankursinha). Ankur kindly offered to help with the venue at University College London.
  • Christopher Klooz (Ask Fedora, SELinux Confined Users SIG, @py0xc3)
  • Hank Lee (Documentation writer, Music & Audio SIG, @hankuoffroad)
  • Richard Jones (Packager, RISC-V SIG, Red Hat, @rjones)
  • Alessandro (Red Hat, @aleskandro)
  • Anthony Kesterton (Red Hat)
  • Dario Molinari (Red Hat, @dariomolinari). Dario brought us Italian Amaretti Biscuits. Grazie!

How did this London meetup come about?

  • Revive (reimagine) previous UK meetup or user group
  • Have in-person meetup for UK-based Fedora contributors
  • Grow community and retain contributors

RISC-V Showcase

  • Richard Jones gave an interesting talk about RISC-V/FPGA hardware. Thanks for bringing us a wealth of knowledge about electronic engineering and a set of RISC-V test units for us.

Roundtable discussion

  • Community cohort: Group mentoring
  • Onboarding experience: Consolidation of contributor guides and identifying common process
  • Virtual delivery of training session with recorded tutorial and live chat Q&A
  • Collaboration with student community
  • Upstream working model and collaboration in SELinux Confined Users SIG

Snaps from @ London Meetup

Credit to Dario Molinari

Pub Chat After Meetup

A few of attendees couldn’t resist ‘London pub culture’. We didn’t plan it, but London magically attracted us to an old English pub, a short walk from University College London. We hope more people can join pub chat next time.

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Photo by Marcin Nowak on Unsplash. Modified by Justin W. Flory.


Thanks @hankuoffroad for doing the work here :wink:

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This sounds fun! Any idea when the next London meetup might be? Some folks in my team do Fedora work, and we sometimes end up in London close to the end of the half for roadmap planning, so if there is one in, say, December, it would be a happy coincidence


The next one is on 20th June, but this one will be more casual than the last one.

We schedule and organize things around the Local London meetups on matrix and discussions, and try to keep always a discussion topic open in order to organize/discuss the respective next one (and then link the last topic to the subsequent one through a final post).

The current topic is:

The UK matrix channel is:

We always try to find a date/time that makes it possible for as many people as possible to join. Feel free to let us know when you know what time you will be in London. It would be great if we could team up with more Fedorians in person :slight_smile: