Fedora login takes too long (sudo,gdm,lightdm has problems too)

I have a problem (bug??) after some time after i installed fedora login takes too long (sudo,gdm,lightdm has problems too)
The problem started after i installed flatpak and snap support and a snap package.
On fedora with gdm i have problems when i lock the screen i can’t get it unlocked until i switch to a terminal and then switch back to the xorg.
Also sudo and loging is very slow.

On fedora cinnamon edition i should wait a minute or two to show the password box on login screen
also i should wait 2 minutes at least after i do a sudo command.



Either remove snapd, rollback as suggested in the topic or update to the testing package.

Thanks Tom.


I have visited your link it seems that i have to downgrade some packages about selinux on snap , this is the correct solution, thank you very mcuh

Hi @xrhstaras Please do not move the question back to community. That is not the appropriate category. As @tjdoyle points out, this topic was already discussed, and a fix/workaround noted there.

Removing setools is NOT the solution. I have removed that from your topic description. Other users should not be encouraged to do so. selinux is an important security framework.

Please read the bug, and you’ll see that snap does not work well with selinux, and the fix must therefore come from the snap development team, not Fedora or selinux. We understand your annoyance and we discourage rant type comments, but if you are going to go down the blaming/ranting path, it’s important to blame or rant at the right people. :smile:

Additionally, please go over the posts in the #start-here category when you have the time. They document how this platform is to be used correctly/efficiently.

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In my comment i didn’t put the blame to fedora or selinux i just reported that selinux and snap packaging system don’t go well together this is a bug right now, this is true because the problem exists and is totally annoying i don’t know what are you talking about when you say about me randing, maybe about that i said that these kind of problems make people distro-hoppers but its true sorry.