Fedora login bug: system is counting "wakeup" keystokes

Hi guys,

I’ve noticed an annoying bug in Fedora 33. When my system goes to sleep, I will often wake it up by pressing some random key on the keyboard. Once the system is awake, it presents me with the user login screen. I enter my password, but I am told my password is wrong; when I enter it again, I am able to log in. What I believe is happening is that Fedora is including the random keystroke I used as part of the password I enter, which of course leads to the wrong password. The annoying thing is that the login screen does not display this random keystroke as one of the password keystrokes. In other words, if I press ‘w’ as the random wakeup keystroke and I enter my password ‘hello’, I believe the system is taking my password entry to be ‘whello’ and displaying my entered password as ‘*****’ (notice there are five asterisks, not six). Anyone else have this issue? I believe this is a bug in the login manager.

If you use backspace as the random wakeup keystroke you do not have this issue?

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I have seen this for a long time. What I do is simple…
I either press the <enter> key and wait for the screen to wake up before I type the password
I simply begin typing my password and when I finish entering that then press <enter>
Either method works well for unlocking the screen.

I don’t consider that a problem because it makes unlocking the screen faster by entering my password before I press any other keys. When the screen is locked any keys pressed are entered into the password field until you press enter.