Fedora Licensing


We are planning to deploy fedora server edition

Now, our concern is related to fedora licensing/subscription

Can anyone please advise on this? Should fedora be licensed? How to raise a support ticket if we are having some issues related to fedora?

Anyone, kindly advise


you can read more about Fedora Licensing at Licensing:Main - Fedora Project Wiki and Fedora’s Mission and Foundations :: Fedora Docs

In short, it’s a community based, free as in freedom GNU/Linux distro - no licensing required. Free to use, free to share, free to modify, …

However, there is no professional support. You can file bugs with developers and you may find (limited) support here but if you require professional support in a timely manner, I would advise you to go with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


Thank you very much for your prompt reply

Have a good day

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