Fedora labs compneuro not working

Hi, I just tried to get the fedora labs compneuro iso, and installed it in a vm, and it had no packages on it at all.
I also tried downloading and install the fedora-release-compneuro package and nothing changed, no added packages, although it is on silverblue and there are some rpm-ostree install errors currently. The iso should have worked fine though, and so I am wondering who to complain to and where, as the irc for fedora compneuro wasn’t much help.

Hi @millerthegorilla ,

I’m one of the Neuro-sig folks.

the fedora-release-compneuro package doesn’t really do much—it only updates the identity of the release to comp-neuro. It won’t pull in any packages.

Could you clarify what version of the compneuro iso you downloaded, and what do you mean by “it had no packages at all”? It will include lots of packages, but they’re all mostly non-GUI tools (apart from that, it should be a standard Fedora Workstation install). The list is here:

There’s a dnf group for “neuron modelling software”. You can install it using dnf groupinstall:

sudo dnf groupinstall "Neuron Modelling Simulators"

These are the packages it contains:

$ sudo dnf groupinfo "Neuron Modelling Simulators"
Last metadata expiration check: 0:38:00 ago on Mon 29 Aug 2022 19:30:36 BST.
Group: Neuron Modelling Simulators
 Description: This group includes simulators used in modelling of neurons and their networks.
 Optional Packages:
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Thanks for getting back to me, I tried looking for both gui and non-gui programs but nothing, at least not that I could find on the iso. I will download and install again just to be certain.

I have just tried the groupinstall command that you supplied but no packages were pulled in at all. Is there some other command I need to run, also?

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Ok I have reinstalled the os iso into a vm, and the packages are available. My mistake. Thankyou. And I was able to install packages from the group install.


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That’s great to hear. Glad it worked. Please do ask more questions as necessary.