Fedora Kernel 6.4 Test Week 2023-07-09 through 2023-07-16

Hey All,

I would like to invite all of you to participate in the Kernel 6.4
Test week is happening from 2023-07-09 to 2023-07-16 It’s
fairly simple, head over to the wiki [0] and read in detail about the
test week and simply run the test case mentioned in[1] and enter your

As usual, the Fedora QA team will hangout at #fedora-test-day@libera.chat
for questions and discussion.

P.S: We give out badges[2] for testing new Kernel builds that come out!

[0] Test Day:2023-07-09 Kernel 6.4 Test Week - Fedora Project Wiki
[1] Kernel 6.4 Test Week
[2] https://badges.fedoraproject.org/badge/science-kernel-tester-i

  1. Configure automatic submission of the test results and your FAS username:
$ cp config.example .config
$ nano .config

Look for lines with "submit=" and "username=" and set these settings to "submit=authenticated" and "username=<your FAS login without quotes>".
Optionally, if you use the proprietary Nvidia driver, look for the line "thirdparty=y" and uncomment it.

Fas ID = like ilikelinux ?

Is a password mandatory if I want to earn the badges?
The script says…

# FAS User credentials.
# Storing your FAS password here is technically possible, but is not
# advisable for security reasons.
        if [ -n "$username" ]; then
                username="-u $username"
        if [ -n "$password" ]; then
                password="-p $password"
        commithook="./fedora_submit.py $username $password -l $logfile"

It not has to be in the script but we get asked for it if we let it blank in there, so keep it ready.

Documentation update suggestion

I am testing on a Kinoite system, and I presume this applies to Silverblue as well, and I would like to suggest some improvements to the instructions for running the test suite.

Although the Test week documentation page does a good job with providing Silverblue/Kinoite instructions, the linked Kernel Regression Testcase instructions could use some similar updates.

Running the tests in Toolbox will result in a test failure. In order to run the testcase, the test must be run directly on the host. Thus the tools must be installed using sudo rpm-ostree install gcc git python3-fedora make libtirpc-devel[1]. After that, following the rest of the instructions on the test page will allow the tests to complete successfully.

A followup sudo rpm-ostree uninstall... command can be used to remove the packages after testing is complete.

  1. libtirpc and policycoreutils-python-utils were already installed on my base system and that’s why these have been omitted from this command. I’m not sure if they are part of the base Silverblue/Kinoite image or if I had them installed due to another overlay I had already ↩︎