Fedora KDE spin installation fails might be due to nvidia gpu

I tried installing Fedora KDE spin. I created the live USB using the Fedora Media Writer, and the live USB creation was successful. Although the live-USB system boots without issues, the “install on hard disk” application does not work in the live-boot system. Whenever I try to open it, it crashes.

I tried installing from the terminal using the sudo liveinst command( I don’t remember the exact command), but it did not work out either.

I wonder if the issue is with my Nvidia GPU (I have Nvidia GTX 1650 4GB GPU installed on my laptop). What I could find out is that Fedora KDE uses the Wayland display server instead of x11.

Is there any workaround for this problem? Please guide me as I am entirely new to using Fedora.

One suggestion might be to try installing with the F37 ISO which can be downloaded here.

Once that is installed then a full update, including installing the nvidia drivers from rpmfusion would be the next step.

Finally an upgrade to F38 would be in order.

I know of no reason that nvidia GTX 1650 should impact install of F37 since it has worked for me and the nouveau driver within fedora supports it well enough for install and updates to the nvidia drivers. My laptop has the GTX 1660.

I cannot say the same about installing F38 since I have not tried that, and my desktops have the GTX 1550 instead.

Won’t the issue persist after upgrading to Fedora 38?

You seem to be reporting an error / problem with running the installer from the live media on F38
If F37 installs then you upgrade to F38 it would not be using that installer on the F38 live media.

install F37 → update to latest & install nvidia drivers → upgrade to F38
install F38 → installer fails