Fedora KDE black screen

It’s my second day using KDE, so please be patient with me.
I have a Fujitsu Lifebook E with an i5 @2.4GHz & integrated Graphics (520). The laptop came with 8GB RAM stock but I added other 8GB.
I use F39 with KDE plasma.
Five minutes ago, I updated with
“su -
dnf update”
and also over the preinstalled “Discover” app.
I tried to open the settings app. It didn’t open after I pressed enter the first time, so I tried again. When I pressed the enter key the second time, a black screen appeared. If I now try to boot my laptop, I only see the default Fujitsu logo, below is the fedora one. After that comes the black screen. No login, no console, nothing. I can get into the bootloader tho.

You may not want to update with su but with sudo dnf update but this should be minor.

When on the boot screen, press Esc to get startup logs.