Fedora KDE 31 Freezing immediatelly after boot

Hey Guys, How’re you doing ?

I’m new to fedora. I saw some videos on Youtube about the new fedora 31 and decided to try it to maybe replace kubuntu

I Installed the workstation version and it worked, it froze from time to time, forcing me to reset the computer. I’ve always used KDE and I’m used to the new Plasma, I used the $ sudo dnf group install kde-desktop-environment and when I reboot the computer, it frooze right after entering user and password.

I downloaded the Fedora KDE Spin from the media writer application on Windows , created the usb bootable and had the same issue. I can’t get it to boot without a total freeze

My Specs : Core I5 3570 , Zotac GTX 660 2gb ,480gb Kinston a400 ssd, 2x4gb hyperx 1866 DIIMs, Gigabyte Ga-P75-D3 Motherboard and a 700w corsair PSU

I aprecciate any help

try the updated live isos on Index of /pub/alt/live-respins