Fedora IoT website revamp: Community page (looking for feedback!)

Hi everyone!

This is a design update for the Fedora Website Revamp project!

This page followed the layout of Mairin’s design for the Fedora Workstation Community page, in order to keep them aligned. There was a few tweaks made on my end in terms of colours and updating the info so it is relevant to Fedora IoT.

This page would be accessed by clicking on the “Community” navbar item in the Fedora IoT navigation bar.

You can view the full mockup on Penpot here.

Top Header Area

Like Mairin stated in her post, this page header is lower key compared to that of the front page design. The consistency is intended to be linked between the non-front pages, such as the download and the get help pages.

There is some text explaining what sub-community / team maintains the edition. There is a link provided to take the user to the Fedora IoT documentation for more information.

Communication Block

This is where the main communication channels will be listed. Users can explore the Discussion posts related to the edition, as well as join the matrix channel and mailing list.

Get Involved Block

This block contains actionable items the user can do to get involved with the community - report/discuss issues, and attend a meeting.

Events Block

This block I left intact as the information remains the same across all editions. There’s an additional block towards the end that links to the Fedora IoT playlist on the official Fedora YouTube. (This playlist is not in existence as of yet but it would be ideal)

Media Block

This block lets users know where they can keep up to date with what is going on in the community.


And the page ends with the standard footer.

Feedback Welcome!

I know this page has very few differences between the page Mairin created, but it is all in the name of consistency :wink: Any feedback is welcome!


It looks great!

Two questions about the Communication Block, and sorry if this has been asked in the feedback posts for other pages.

  1. Do we know how often the Fedora IoT community uses each of the channels mentioned?
  2. Would that impact the design at all or are we looking to standardize how we list available channels?

The reason I ask, even though I’m not the most familiar, is that it seems like some technical groups prefer mailing lists over Fedora Discussion and may not be checking Discussion as often. That could create the misaligned expectation for a potential contributor that Discussion will get the same response as with other channels when in reality they may hear crickets for a while.

One solution for this would be to only list the main channels that are actually used by the given team, but that sets up new problems to solve for, and I can see why we wouldn’t want to go down this route.

TL;DR - I think the whole page is great and just had a question about the communication channels listed. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t already, I suggest posting this to the IoT mailing list. The IoT WG doesn’t use Discussion as their primary communication venue.

Edit to add: I share @joseph’s concern. Referring people to the iot tag is likely to result in frustration so long as the ioT Working Group remains on the mailing list. (I have had Conversations™ with Matthew about having tags for teams that don’t actively use Discussion. I have not convinced him yet. :slight_smile: )

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Hi Joseph! Thanks! Re: the tag on discussions, I just presumed they would use it instead of being thorough and actually checking. That’s my fault and I’m happy you pointed that out. I’ll definitely reach out to the IoT mailing list and double check if they want that communication method listed there. If it’s a case that they don’t want it there, it should be no problem to remove it from the web-page.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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That’s on my list for today! Thanks Ben :slight_smile:

No problem, and sorry if that created more work for you! :sweat_smile:

If this is going to be a consideration for the Fedora IoT team, this may be something that needs to be discussed with all technical teams that will have pages like this. It came up in Nest how there seems to be a divide in the community based on platform. Technical teams tend to prefer mailing lists and non-technical teams tend to prefer Discourse. Thankfully the Matrix and IRC channels are bridged.

I know this is part of a larger discussion on whether the community should stay in it’s current state of multiple, long-form platforms or fold into just one (most likely Discourse). That’s kind of not in the scope of this thread, but I mention it just to say that this may be a recurring thing to consider for the page redesigns.

Hello… I Would like to purpose something… not sure if feasible.

“Community page” or even Spin/editions is pretty standard. on the first one is about channels and collaboration, the other one is about having Fedora installed on a desktop or server. the most exciting thing about this might be how people sort out their spaghetti in the back of their machines…

IOT is bonkers variation. you can have a fridge or a motorcycle speedo controlled by Fedora. Shouldn’t we use the site as bragging rights for people with cool projects from our community, and have like a area of cool iOT-fedora-powered-cool-stuff?

If I come to IOT community area I am expecting to see cool ideas (maybe fetched from the forum) that gets me feeling want to join the community and learn/copy/experiment.

My two cents.

That’s a great idea. Do you have any stories to share or know ayone we can talk to who does?

:slight_smile: not really… first time visiting IoT side. All based on assumptions :slight_smile:

maybe something to start doing in the future… Went just now on discourse and filtered by iot and not much came up…sorry… it really sounded as a great idea. :confused:

Maybe start a discussion topic with “show us your iot project” and use it to feed this area…

Looking great Emma!

I really like the media block, I’m curious if the faint lines on the bottom and the side of the Fedora magazine banner area are permanent or just from the most recent imaging of that section.

Also for the events block, is there an updated text for the “Join us” in the sign that Colur holds up? I feel like I remember Jess sharing one but can’t find it.

The gradients from purple to blue are really gorgeous all over!


Thanks Madeline!

I’ll fix those faint lines I didn’t even see them! I’ll fix the alignment too. I think I remember the updated text too I’ll have a look for it! :slight_smile: