Fedora-iot high cpu use by ignition and systemd-journal


I have noticed my f-iot box uses lot of cpu constantly by systemd-journal and ignition. The pair consumes typically like this:

Any ideas why it does that? I don’t see anything related really in logs. Could I disable ignition, I understood it’s used only at first boot? The box has been around for years as VM on my truenas. This uselessly heats up the box. I don’t know how long it’s been troubling, but I only noticed few weeks ago.

Another way out of it would likely be to somehow convert the ostree to fedora core, but I’m not sure if it would work well. If I would rebase, i would get rid of ignition.

The server is for running my services under podman rootless pods.

I stopped now the zezere_ignition.timer and .service, and got the system load down. Let’s see what will I miss.

I think this is related to this upstream issue - `zezere_ignition` spamming the journal with audit messages · Issue #137 · fedora-iot/zezere · GitHub

IMO, we need to fix the zezere client to only run once at initial boot.

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