Fedora IoT bootloops when setting up a Linux bridge

I am trying to add a network bridge with nmcli in Fedora IoT but adding the bridge and rebooting afterwards sets the system into a bootloop. I get to the login screen after successfully booting but the system then reboots after about 6 seconds without any input from me. The command I used for setting up the bridge was:

nmcli connection add type bridge ifname physical_wan bridge.stp no ipv6.method disabled ipv4.method disabled

I even reinstalled the OS several times but the forced reboots persist. The problem is that I can not use journalctl due to the filesystem being rpm-ostree and the journal in question isn’t available in the older commit that I am booting into to investigate.

Has anyone any experience with this problem or a possible solution?

Turns out I can export logs anyway from another image due to it being written into /var in rpm-ostree. I will open a new thread due to the error pointing to some greenboot issue when adding the networkmanager service configurations.