Fedora Installation on Lenovo

Lenovo ThinkBook 15- 20VG006XTX R5-4500U 8G 256G 15.6"

I used Zorin OS, it’s working but there is a one issue that suspend doesn’t work. So ı search and find solution. I add grub file two words. Here is the link of solution :

This laptop, if ı install fedora is there an ıssue? İs there anyone to tried that before? Is this solution work with fedora?

welcome to :fedora:

hope there will be no issues about suspend you can try in a live env and check if everything really works out of the box if not ask here if you cant solve it.
as far as i know this range works nicely still as i dont have this one specific so cant confirm

Thank you, when ı suspend pc screen doesn’t come back so ı have to force shutdown. I am afraid that pc can be crash if i force shutdown when i live mode.

Don’t worry i hope you have a good time with fedora.