Fedora in 2025: what do we want, and how will we get there?

Screensharing is sadly … a Zoom issue. They used a private screenshot API that stopped working in F35, and haven’t adopted Pipewire yet.

I agree issues and workarounds should be better documented (eg for Zoom switching to o X11, or using the web version from Chrome, works).

Several of us have been reporting this to Zoom bug hasn’t been able to get anywhere yet.


I wonder if this should be eventually part of Workstation/LiveStreamingCompatInitiative - Fedora Project Wiki


Hi everyone! My name is Cali Dolfi and I am a Data Scientist on Red Hat’s OSPO team. I became involved with Fedora in 2020 with the virtual Fedora Women’s Day event. I am leading Project Sandiego, a new open source project focused around analyzing open source projects from a data perspective and mapping connections between projects in the open source ecosystem. I am hoping to contribute to Fedora’s 3 year strategy of doubling the number of active members with support from the data perspective. With that, the big questions come:

-Where are we looking at? Which repos? Chatrooms? Etc
-What counts as active? Is that different in each space?
-Could the answers to these questions change in the 5 year span?

If we can answer these questions, expanding the analysis past the initial “active people” goal would not be much additional effort. I am looking forward to hearing people’s thoughts!


This is somewhat related, but I think something like the Annual Contributor Survey would be a great project to check in with the community from a data perspective. We could ask questions about contributor presence and engagement in the project and dial in specifics. Depending on how deep it goes, we may want to separate that out to be its own survey, almost like a census.

I could imagine this being a good indicator of active contributors because it requires you to go out of your way to answer it. Inactive folks don’t take surveys. With that in mind, it could be emphasized accordingly so that everyone knows that this is one of the important ways we understand our growth as a community.

This is pretty in the weeds for a big picture discussion, but all this to say that I think we should think about how we will measure the big goal so that we’re gathering data from the start.

Also, I would like to volunteer for helping with the survey if that initiative’s still going!