Fedora ID/Account login issue on Firefox and GNOME Web

Created an account today but I’m having some issues to log in on Fedora Discussion at Firefox. It’s working fine on Chrome (In my case, i’m using Ungoogled Chromium). Did the same test on GNOME Web and it’s also not working there. Issue maybe related to this one: (“Authentication Failure” if I try to log in here from Fedora

Strangelly, I can log on the basis website (settings and etc) minus the others like this forum.

OS: Fedora 39

I second that. Got same issue today with ID/Account in Gnome Web.

Hello @goliv and @arturasb ,
I can add myself to having this issue repeatedly for some time now. I either get an authentication failure or bad request message (popping up lately). It usually takes 2 to 3 tries to login successfully. If I have my fedora account login in Gnome setup, it works sometimes first try.

@jakfrost @arturasb Disabled ad blocker and now I can login just fine. Strange. Really strange because my ad blocker on Ungoogled Chromium is still enabled and even with that I can login just fine. Or… i’m confused.

Yes, that’s strange. Thanks for letting us know about the workaround.

But I mean… still an issue. Ad blocker (In my case I’m using Ublock Origin) is working just fine on chromium based browser (Ungoogled Chromium) but not on Firefox. Also, embedded ad blocker at GNOME Web is giving the same issue. Strange indeed.