Fedora Export Compliance Information

On the Fedora download pages there is a notice about Fedora Export Compliance Information.

In the documentation there is a paragraph (the last one) that is not on the download page.

I’d like to know why this piece of text “Fedora software in source code and binary code form are publicly available and are not subject to the EAR in accordance with §742.15(b).” is not in download pages.

Thank you.

Probably because the two sites are maintained by separate teams and the download website was created years ago whereas the documentation in question was added more recently.

I’ll follow up with Legal for the best way to fix this.


We recently updated the Fedora export policy at Fedora Export Control Policy :: Fedora Docs and changed some places it was repeated to link to that page, so we don’t have “version control” issues. We missed this one.

I’ve not checked with export and we can update the footer to say, “By clicking on and downloading Fedora, you agree to comply with the Fedora Export Control Policy.” - making that a link to the above page and then remove the paragraph below it


Done! The update will go live in the next build (within an hour or two)