Fedora Everything Netinstall: general wifi support package?

you posted a github link for fedora kde minimal install guide using the fedora everything network installer iso.

am looking for a minimal install guide with a list of required, recommended & optional packages but with gnome as the desktop environment instead of kde.

Okay. So, this guide is flawed due to the netinstaller missing wifi packages.

When it is converted into a kickstart file, you can fork it and create one for GNOME. I would be interested in helping too. I think combining both in a single repo is also a good idea.

Especially rpmfusion will be interesting.

As a reference, use Silverblues packages (they are pretty minimal, but at the same time need to implement everything to avoid tons of layers).

Install all the basics, avoiding XOrg is very interesting (keep XWayland for compatibility), avoid those weak dependencies, and apart from that the packages should not be that different.

Tbh the issue that is solved is the “bloated” KDE install. I.e. a lot of XOrg (this is probably fixed with 40?), tons of native KDE apps preinstalled. The same for GNOME.

Appstores have recommendations, the basic filetypes should be taken care of, apart from that people can choose their software. So I could imagine that those issues could best be solved in the official fedora images too.

But until then, a guide “download netinstall, exit to tty, enter this command and press y” would already help users actively choosing a more minimal install, but at the same time idk, even more dividing into small subsets doesnt make a lot of sense.