Fedora doesn't load live environment

Hello, I am new to Fedora and indeed it wasn’t a great start to be honest!
I have decided to download fedora kde plasma and as soon as I booted it to my PC, it just showed me the computer logo and then errors: " dracut-initqueue timeout" and brought me to an emergency shell.
My computer is a Lenovo IdeaPad 5.

I also ran “systemctl” in the emergency shell but it doesn’t seem to show any error.
The output:

Problems with Booting into the Graphical Installation

Honestly, none of the above seemed to be working.
I haven’t tried the VNC method yet but i don’t know how to do that since i have no way to access to fedora…

Maybe i didn’t follow the previous steps right, even tho i think i did tbh

Following a guide, before booting fedora, it made me edit grub by pressing ‘e’ and modifying grub. Deleting ‘quiet’ and adding ‘3’ to enter text mode.
It started loading some lines but then it stopped and time outted as usual.

You do not tell us what your hardware is. That output shows the main drive is an nvme.
Is this a laptop or desktop? Brand? Model?
Often there can be issues with hardware and without details we cannot guess as to the cause.

I have already written that it’s a Lenovo IdeaPad 5. It’s a laptop