Fedora Docs GitLab for developers

When I walked through the process with developer access, I forked the repo (no other options) and created a merge request. I may have missed an option to skip the MR. Will try it again.

If you fork, you need to make a MR (at least, I do not know another way at GitLab) in order to merge the fork with the original Fedora Docs repo. But you do not have to fork if you are a developer because you have developer access to the original repository at Fedora Docs.

So, if I (=developer) want to directly commit to the Fedora Docs repo using the “Edit this Page” button on a Fedora Docs page, which by default forwards to the normal GitLab login, I have to log in in advance by using the SAML link so that I log into GitLab with the FAS account. Now that I am logged in with FAS, I can go to the Fedora Docs page that I want to change, and click as usual the “Edit the Page” button. Because I am now logged in as developer, I do not have to fork on the next page but can simply work within that page to then commit directly to the Fedora Docs repo. I just saw that I do not even have the “Open in Web IDE” button: if I am already logged in as developer, I simply end up in the Web IDE (although this leads not to the normal “Web IDE” but to the “edit file” window, which looks slightly different: see developer-web-ide.png in the attached zip file.

So at the point where the 7-click HowTo wants to click the “Open in Web IDE” and “fork” buttons, you have to not do that but simply work on that page and directly commit to the branch you want. On this page, you can directly click “Commit changes”.

In short, if you have logged in as developer in advance with FAS, the “Edit this Page” button directly forwards you to the page where you can make all changes you want and then simply click “Commit changes”.

If you are working directly from the GitLab repo and you click on the file within the repo to make a change, you have to use the “Open in Web IDE” button, but you will not need to fork after that. In this case, you have the normal “Web IDE” and not the “edit file” page, but you can click on the small arrow-down button within the right part of the blue “Open in Web IDE” button (web-gui.png in the attached zip file) and then click on “Edit” in the appearing drop-down menu if you prefer the “edit file” GUI.

However, be aware that this way can in some circumstances reduce the comprehensibility because each single commit becomes documented. So if you do more than a minor change, it might make sense to work in a fork and then merge a MR as soon as everything is ready. You can create a fork when you are logged in as developer on the project page (so, the repo page on GitLab) using the “fork” button on the top right: fork-project.png in the zip.

So the HowTo does not fit the developers doings.

Hope that makes sense somehow :slight_smile:

Find the zip here (I do not want to “flood” this thread with the pictures as it is not fully on-topic).

@bcotton : can you split the post of Hanku and my one (so post 20 and 21) to a “Fedora Docs GitLab for developer” thread? Maybe that makes sense to also consolidate some information for future developers without blurring the two perspectives, which are indeed different.

You helped me decrease the learning curve, thanks. The steps in my guide are shortened to 5 from 10.

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