Fedora discussion down many times since past 2 days

What is happening on fedora discussion servers/site

It keeps hanging, lagging, unresponsive losing posts and then looping hours to minimum 15 minutes for loading connecting to fedora discussion.

Someone messing up the servers or what is going on

I have not seen such issuses and have been on both Mobile and Consisitent WiFi networks including Public WiFi.

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I am not seeing any issues either.

So this must me then me and my location based issues again started yesterday and worst today.

I can ask our hosting provider to investigate. Can you DM me more details about your location and internet provider, and what you remember about when the problems started?

(Also, do you mind if I move this top public-category Site Help & Feedback? Maybe other people are seeing similar issues.)


While the site is responsive for myself, I still get login errors and always need two tries to login, sometimes more.

I can confirm, login issues sometimes (infrastructure in general). As I do login with my Fedora ID most times a refresh is good to solve the issues I have.

On the other hand with pagure I regularly have a very slow connection.

I do access the internet fro Brazil.

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Send DM and yes we van move the thread

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From Moderator Coordination to Site Help & Feedback

Added problem

Hi Marko,

there is a topic in the discussion you might read to provide related information: FAS login not possible - devel - Fedora Mailing-Lists
→ it contains also a link to a ticket about that occurrence: Issue #11962: Login issues on site, missing download links, others... - fedora-infrastructure - Pagure.io

I experience it from time to time as well, it comes and goes. I wrote already in the list that it contains timeout, bad request and unauthorized in my case.

I already try to have debugging on when I log in since Kevin asked for it in the mailing list, but in the recent days, I have been free of incidents. As I said, it comes and goes in my case. So feel free to provide the data that Kevin asks for in the mailing list.

My subjective perception is that it occurs primarily to people outside US.

@kevin just that you know we have a topic here as well. Thanks btw for taking care!

Yes, that thread/ticket is about login issues some folks are having.

I have not seen any other reports of this site not loading or being slow outside logins.


It’s not been slow or down for me. I have to admit that I’m not very good at logging out and closing my browser sessions, so I’m not the best representation for login issues but the site has generally be up and performing well for me.

Don’t have login issues more in the issues I discribed slow, keeps looping and loading or answering posts it starts saving and then never ending loop usually goes away 15-120 minutes and there might be saved drafts multiple or send ones never know