Fedora disconnect every day at midnight

Running dual boot F37-Win11.
My pc disconnect from internet every night at midnight.
I hve to reboot to windows and reboot router to connect again.
Reboot router from Fedora don’t work.
Any suggestions?

It sounds like the problem is with your router, which is unable to renew the DHCP lease and you are rebooting it as a workaround.

I think the correct solution would be to update the firmware of the router, or flash something like OpenWrt or DD-WRT, or replace the router if possible.

If the router is owned by your ISP, then you should contact them and ask them to fix the problem.

Does Windows disconnect the same way or does it stay connected.I’m sure it is but in Fedora under settings network details is connect automatically and make available to other users checked.

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It is ISP router. Guys from call center don’t know much about computers :slight_smile:

No problems on Windows

  • What is the manufacturer/vendor and model of the router?
  • Do you know admin login/password for the router?
  • What mode is the router configured in, i.e. modem, switch, router, etc.?

Nokia G-240W-C
It is configured for everything. Ethernet, wi-fi, iptv, phone.
I know password.

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After router reboot on fedora i got “activation of network connection failed” message.

When the issue happens, try the following:

# Create a new connection
nmcli connection add type ethernet connection.id ether
nmcli connection up id ether

# Clean active DHCP leases
sudo systemctl stop NetworkManager.service
sudo sh -c "rm -f /var/lib/NetworkManager/*.lease"
sudo systemctl start NetworkManager.service

Still not working.
steps after disconnection at midnight:
created new connection and cleaned DHCP leases - no change
rebooted router - no change
created new connection and cleaned DHCP leases again - no changes
rebooted to fedora - still not connected
rebooted to windows- pc connected to internet.

current solution is to run windows at midnight

Next time, try modifying the previously created connection and test it after each modification:

nmcli connection modify id ether ethernet.cloned-mac-address random
nmcli connection up id ether

nmcli connection modify id ether ethernet.auto-negotiate yes
nmcli connection up id ether

nmcli connection modify id ether ethernet.accept-all-mac-addresses yes
nmcli connection up id ether

No changes.
I don’t have to wait for midnight. If I reboot router fedora doesn’t connect.
At midnight fedora disconnect just my pc from internet, everything else(router, iptv, phone, wi-fi, other computers) work normally.