Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #472: New Objective: Mentored Projects 2024

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This is all good work for our community, but one thing isn’t clear from the proposal: why should this be an Initiative? What work wouldn’t/couldn’t be done if the Council said “no”? Most of this looks like work that happens routinely with our Mentored Projects, so what sets this proposal apart?

Also, the proposal says "The success of this Initiative may or may not spur on a new follow-on Initiative after the completion of this Initiative. " but it’s not clear what “success” means here. And what kind of follow-on Initiative would come from successful completion?


I think that is the main problem, this is not being routinely done during the Mentored Projects and also it includes the Mentored Projects docs which is a standalone project inside the initiative.

You are right here. We will think on different data points for success so we can make clear what would be “success” for this initiative.

Thank you!


This should be reflected in the Outcomes column in the logic model. Everything there should ideally have a measurable number. Or, at least, be a non-subjective yes/no.

Why has there been no outreach for community mentored projects? For example, I’m pretty sure that we could work something out with KDE and Fedora for mentored projects for Fedora KDE.

We don’t know yet if we have been accepted as an organization. After being accepted at Outreachy we plan to open the application for projects and we should call for participation. At that point, Fedora KDE could propose a mentored project!

I hope this clarify your doubt :slight_smile:

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Sure. I would have appreciated being looped in earlier, though, so that we could sync up with @ngraham and @apol and others about mutually beneficial projects to put out there…

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The main problem is that Outreachy application is first done at Organization level. I thought bothering people from multiple projects before getting accepted could be a waste of time for some. But sure, I’ll have this on mind for the next season.

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The main reason it can be useful is that we can then approach projects from multiple angles. A Fedora mentored project could be part of KDE or GNOME organizations if Fedora itself doesn’t make it, for example.

There’s multiple ways to skin the cat, and the sooner we’re on the same page, the more opportunities we can have to do so. :wink:

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Noted. When writing the guidelines I will add a point to reach out community as soon as we know we will apply to Outreachy.

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