Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #450: Sequoia-PGP sponsorship and/or partnership

@dcantrell filed Fedora-Council/tickets ticket #450. Discuss here and record votes and decisions in the ticket.

Ticket text:

I’m on board with the general concept, but I have a few questions:

  • How much are you proposing we donate or what partnership tier?
  • Why should we sponsor this particular upstream? Is there a particular benefit to Fedora that we couldn’t get otherwise? (I appreciate that this is an important project, but a lot of our upstreams are important and we have to make a decision when it comes to spending limited funds)

I share the same thoughts as Ben.

Looking at the sponsorship page, I see the entry-level tiers as follows:

  • For enterprise, 256,000.00 EUR/year
  • For SMBs and NGOs, 4,000.00 EUR/year

My first thought is that the enterprise levels seem unobtainable; the cost is greater than Fedora’s annual budget. :slightly_smiling_face: If we could be recognized as a SMB/NGO, it is more feasible. But the macroeconomic situation makes things like this harder now.

I saw this blog post and I thought it communicated the value of this particular sponsorship well:

Some dust has settled, Flock is upon us, and the macroeconomic outlook is not strong. With an eye for Flock this year, I don’t think we can consider this sponsorship right now. I am -1 not because this is a bad idea but because we would have to sacrifice from something else that is also important.

I propose closing this ticket as deferred, so as to keep open the possibility of revisiting in 2024.

I triaged this ticket as an agenda topic for the 2023-06-21 Council meeting at 2023-06-21T14:00:00Z.

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